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SURABAYA - A painter with special needs, "Vincent Prijadi Purnowo", spreads his paintings in the hallway to Gubeng Station. During 4 day, start date 26 s/d 29 September 2019.

As much 12 the paintings on display tell a story about the conditions of the railroad, from the point of her love for rail-based transportation.

The exhibition of paintings is part of the celebration to welcome the 74th Train Birthday, which will fall on date 28 September 2019. “I gave a gift for the 74th anniversary train, by displaying railroad themed paintings,”Said Vincent.

His painting exhibition received positive response from the public and the passengers at Gubeng Station. Many passengers and introductors took time to enjoy the work of Vincent. "I thank you for the gift from Vincent with the exhibition of railroad-themed paintings. Hopefully this painting can invite Indonesian people to love and use mass transportation, especially trains. So that community mobility is smoother and congestion rates are down,"Please Suprapto, Public Relations Manager of PT KAI Daop 8 Surabaya on the sidelines of the exhibition activities.

In addition to painting exhibition performances, there are some special events displayed at Surabaya Gubeng Station in order to welcome this 74th anniversary, among them were performances of the UMKM exhibition fostered by KAI Daop 8 Surabaya and photo booth themed leading tourism icons in East Java such as Tugu Pahlawan, Mount Bromo, bull racing and Tugu Suroboyo.

The UMKM exhibition itself began 14 September to 12 October 2019. The existence of this UMKM Exhibition provides an opportunity for Fostered Partners to introduce and market their production at Surabaya Gubeng Station.

"With the promotion of products from KAI's Fostered MSME Partners at the station, expected to increase product sales and the economy of the KAI fostered partners,"Suprapto added.

Suprapto added that KAI as one of the BUMNs has indeed been tasked with developing the people's economy. Besides looking for profit, SOEs must also be able to improve the welfare of the people in their operational areas.


Source: https://kabarjatim.com/lukisan-pencinta-ka-di-stasiun-gubeng-sebagai-kado-hut-kai/

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