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Welcome to Autism is coming Gallery


Vin Autism Gallery is an art gallery that displays various paintings by Vincent Prijadi Purwono. The paintings that were opened to the public at Vin Autism Gallery are actually stories about Vincent's struggle, a child born with autism, in finding his true self.




Unexpected, paint is the way Vincent chose in expressing his heart's content. Vincent had to go through a long struggle before, because of the autism it has, he can't learn and express like other children. Difficult times through Vincent and his family until Vincent entered junior high school.

Be grateful, finally Vincent discovered the world of painting. This world is able to make his personality is developing rapidly. Now in his twenties 15, Vincent is a child who is able to control his feelings and emotions, continue to actively work every day, and certainly much happier.

Besides displaying works, Vin Autism Gallery can also be said to be a form unwritten victory from the struggle of Vincent's family and closest people. Parents, mentors and families who never give up in accompanying Vincent through difficult times and continue to support Vincent to develop.



This gallery was founded with a vision to give inspiration and motivation for other parents who also has children with special needs.

With acceptance, patience, proper guidance and direction, it is not impossible for these children to carve amazing achievements and brighter future. The pride that radiates from Rudi Purwono, Vincent's father, is clear proof of this.



Not only stop by exhibiting paintings, Vin Autism Gallery also provides painting workshop for children, especially for those with special needs.

Guided directly by mentors and reliable painters who are accustomed guiding children with special needs, This art workshop has helped many other children develop their talents.

In the near future, Vin Autism Gallery will also exhibit paintings from other children with special needs. Thus, it is hoped that they will be increasingly motivated to continue to develop their hidden talents.

News & Press Releases

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Give the 74th Train Anniversary Gift

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PT Railink Meets Vincent at Soetta Airport

News6 - PT Railink Train (KA) Soekarno Hatta Airport (Soetta) ready to provide a place for the work of children with special needs or disabilities. "Yes, we are ready to provide a place for children's work ....


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