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News6 – PT Railink Train (KA) Soekarno Hatta Airport (Soetta) ready to provide a place for the work of children with special needs or disabilities.

"Yes, we are ready to provide a place for children's work with special needs, like Vincent who sent us this train painting, we will definitely show it. We also offer for vincent if you want to hold a painting exhibition can be here,"Said the Director of PT Railink, Heru Kuswanto, Monday (16/7/2018).

Heru said Railink fully supports the work of the nation's children. According to him, many Indonesian children are achievers but are not given room to perform.

"It is possible if there are other children like Vincent who want to give their work, we will display it here (Soetta Airport Train Station) or at Sudirman station managed by Railink "Heru Kuswanto said.

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Keep in mind Vincent is a young painter with special needs who is still in the first year of high school. He painted the airport train which today was handed over to Railink and received directly by the Director of PT Railink Heru Kuswanto.

Heru hopes that in the future there will be more space in the work of children with special needs to perform.(res)

Source: News6

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